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Welcome to Dorking Yoga. We have been established primarily as a Yoga Centre in Dorking for twenty years and now, with the world changing, we are offering online Live stream Yoga classes to our clients instead of studio classes at the moment. Still interactive, still very much a community, not yoga videos!

Tristen and Lou are at the helm still looking after and regulars and new clients as they have been for years now ! We have also expanded our client base, taking it into Europe with clients tuning in from Germany, Spain and Sweden ! So welcome to them.

No traffic, no parking, no leaving home and no stress! Keeping ourselves safe in this situation but still enjoying your yoga !

YOGA is for everyone and is a great exercise as well for all levels of fitness, all ages and from all walks of life.

Please view our online timetable to choose your class and if you are new to us then will send you a link for a complimentary class.

Various payment options include £55 for you and your family for one months unlimited online yoga classes, or you may book individual classes for when the time suits you.

No strain, no struggle, just nice yoga with interactive teachers and students. We do not pre-record our classes, every class is live so there is still a sense of community, very important these days! Enjoy!

Serena, Dave, Lou and the team


- Improves flexibility and balance
- Helps focus the mind and improves concentration
- Tones and strengthens muscles
- Detoxification Increases metabolism, helping to aid weight loss
- Can improve bone density.
- Can help make you a Happier Person, and nice to be around!
- Strengthens the diaphragm and the lungs.
- Increases energy levels.
- Stimulates Serotonin, our happy hormone
- Increases overall fitness and well-being with regular practice.
- Helps peaceful sleep and relaxation.
- Calms the nervous system.

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